Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Secret Garden of being afraid of the swine flu

H1N1 Swine Flu Cases - U.S.A.

U.S.A. Cases Deaths
Alabama 330

Alaska 60
Arizona 761
Arkansas 42

California 1985
Colorado 136

Connecticut 1247
Delaware 316

Florida 1302
Georgia 118

Hawaii 616

Idaho 92

Illinois 3166
Indiana 267

Iowa 92

Kansas 117

Kentucky 130

Louisiana 183

Maine 82

Maryland 591
Massachusetts 1308
Michigan 484
Minnesota 576
Mississippi 161

Missouri 65
Montana 67

Nebraska 111

Nevada 301

New Hampshire 224

New Jersey 1159
New Mexico 232

New York
North Carolina 255
North Dakota 57

Ohio 120
Oklahoma 128
Oregon 366
Pennsylvania 1748
Rhode Island 158
South Carolina 160

South Dakota 29

Tennessee 174

Texas 3991
Utah 920
Vermont 49

Virginia 191
Washington 588
Washington DC 33

West Virginia 154
Wisconsin 5861
Wyoming 81

TOTAL 33,902

-- Honestly I was one of those people who never worried about swine flu, thinking no way is that thing gonna harm me or people around me, but then I got a call from my sister who is currently in boot camp for Army National Guard in South Carolina. She said that on of the soldiers that were there died from a lung disease. She said that everyone was required to call their families to let them know that everyone else is okay. Later on in the news there was an announcement that the soldier died from swine flu.

It made me wonder, how did he get swine in the first place? Did this guy get it before camp and died there? Or did he catch it there?

Actually, when she called us it was about a week and a half ago and she said from that day, almost a week before, the soldier died. For a moment I started to question the government, they inspect the soldiers to make sure that they are not infected with anything, that they get vaccinated. How could they overlook this?

Of course I came to my senses and realized that the soldier must have caught it during camp. Then for a minute I pictured the ill soldier in my head, all the pain he must have gone through. Not only did he have the flu, he had to go through training. He must have suffered so much.

There are even more cases of swine flu that didn't get reported, it's frightening to know that so many people died from this flu in Mexico and now it's spreading everywhere. I never paid attention to this flu, I never thought that it would affect me in anyway but I realized that there is chance that my family members could catch swine, so it's best to be on the look out for this flu.

At some point I was paranoid about it because someone can have it and pass it to a friend and that friend will pass it to a friend and that person will pass it to someone I know and then I'll have it. People say that it's mind over matter but doesn't that only apply to pain? I guess not but still if it become a obsession what's going to happen next?