Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Secret Garden of Ballsy Decisions

Fact 1: Ballsy indeed is a legitimate word, look it up.
Fact 2: Ballsy actually means--  
adjective, balls·i·er, balls·i·est. Slang: Usually Vulgar .
boldly aggressive or courageous: a ballsy gal who isn't afraid of anyone.
Fact 3: One of the most important tools we need to acquire in life.

Here's the thing, there are times where we as humans, make really big mistakes and most of the time it's because of ballsy decisions. For example, I was watching Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory on MTV2 and Big Cat (Rob's cousin) was riding on a skateboard while hanging on a motorcycle and decided to skate up a ramp. Unfortunately, he fell tragically and fractured his spine. This got me thinking; that was a very bad ballsy decision.

Some of us who are not so concerned with skateboarding might say, "We won't do anything dumb like that". But in reality, we probably make bigger and dumber ballsier decisions, only that it's outcome is not so catastrophic but more so on the subtle and everlasting death of our hopes, dreams and the rest of our lives. A good obnoxious example of a ballsy decision is jumping off a cliff into the clear blue ocean. You could die, but what the heck, let's chance it. Then there is a good example of what I call a "slow death of all deaths" ballsy decisions, which is to sign a loan contract without actually reading the material or committing to one person for the rest of your life. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm a big fan of love and life long happiness with a soul mate and whatever but there are times where deciding to commit can be categorized into a "slow death of all deaths" ballsy decision. Basically, to commit, two people must bend a wee bit for one another and sacrifice something in order to make their relationship work. Not so surprisingly, most of the time, it's usually one person bending a whole lot for the other person in order to make things work so the person whose doing the bending is basically giving up everything so that the other person can go on living and fulfilling his/her dreams. 

Unfair. Totally unfair. 

Who said that this must happen so that the world can be a happy place?
The world of physics? 

Whatever it may be it's total bullshit. 

Drifting away from current subject, let's retrace our steps and get back on track with ballsy decisions. Luckily, my recent ballsy decision had landed me an interview with an LFL player from Seattle Mist. This is a HUGE deal for me because I'm a big fan of Lingerie Football and it was an amazing opportunity for me to expand my genre of writing. Score!

You see folks, ballsy decisions can work out for the best or for the worst. The funny thing is that we all know this, it's elementary and yet we keep making the same damn mistakes. Why? Because we are human and humans are not perfect and we are not perfect because we act on behalf of our emotions. That's why life is filled with mysteries, folks.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

SnapIt Screen Capture Version 3.7 Review

Designed for Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, ME and 98, this is handy helper makes uploading pictures simple and stress-free! 

Basically, SnapIt allows you to take a quick snap shot of anything that's up on your screen, whether it's a web page or your desk top background, the possibilities are endless. The software itself is easy to download and takes a surprisingly short amount of time to set up. It's objectives are pretty straight-forward, the SnapIt Screen Capture is designed to eliminate the precious time you waste trying to copy and paste an image to a Word Document or ineffectively upload a hyper link to show your designated audience a specific section of a website that is incapable of the copy and paste method. 

The SnapIt Screen Capture is a great tool to have-- as a blogger myself the software is ideal for blogs-- especially if you struggle with uploading and cropping. To begin your snap shooting adventure, complete your download and a camera icon will appear on the bottom right corner of your screen next to the shown current time. Press the Prt Scr button on your keyboard and the your mouse arrow will turn into a plus sign and then just click away. 

 The Snapit software goes for $17.99, which is a fair deal for this product. The website, has a free 14 day trial period so you can play before you pay. 

After snapping the photo, right click the camera icon to save, if you don't want to keep saving after each photo, click on properties to change your saving preferences.

So here comes the bad part; as a first time user the actual snapping of the photo can be tricky, after pressing the Prt Scr button the mouse arrow turns into a plus sign to signal that you are ready to snap your shot. However, there aren't any boarders to show you what you are taking a photo of. You could be aiming at a certain paragraph of a website but the photo would be couple inches to the left of the desired paragraph, catching only half of it.  

The single flaw of this product is nothing compared to it's fast and painless approach to introducing a whole new way of photo uploads. It's wonderful features and easy to use guides will surprise you like the effectiveness of multivitamin gummies. Soon, it'll become an essential part of your daily life.  

Here's a tip! is giving away freebies if you create
a review in any blog/forum/twitter/facebook, etc, about SnapIt! Contact them and get your free SnapIt!