Sunday, October 10, 2010


Couple of days ago, I hurt my arm which caused me to take a bunch of pills and gave a whole lot of time to think. After I started to think, I've realized that I'm not writing about the things I want to write about.

I have always wanted to write about the two things that I'm passionate about; acupuncture and oriental medicine and writing. The mysteries behind acupuncture are endless and writing always enables people to communicate. My main goal in life was to discover new ways of pursuing healthy lifestyles that are not heavily dependent on prescription drugs. Personally, prescription drugs do not agree with my insides and makes me queasy. Herbal medicine on the other hand has helped me a lot over the years from stomach pains to tonsillitis. I don't believe that herbal medicine conquers western medicine, I believe that many people will benefit more from both medicines. I want to create a new form of herbal medicine that has the same healing effect and that's better tasting for those of us who are not big fans of the herbal taste. Which is why I have a strong desire to study herbal medicine and nutrition.

So I've had an epiphany, the Secret Garden has always been a place where readers can unwind and vent about their day or their problems. A place where the readers can relate to my writing in some way. Then I thought  that I've always wanted to write about how new perspectives can change people's lives. So I decided that it's about time the Secret Garden has gotten a makeover. I shall write about alternative medicine and my experiences with it. I've worked for an acupuncturist so I know what kind of things I would like to introduce to the readers and it won't always be about that. It'll be about anything and everything that has to do with mind, body, health and positive influences.

So now, the Secret Garden has a purpose and become a symbol of positive knowledge that's waiting for everyone to stroll on in to see the enchantments that's lying within.