Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Classes on Your Life

Here at Saint Martin's University, I just recently learned that there is a psychology class that focuses on the student's life. The course requires the students to make a timeline of traumatic events that occurred in their lives and learn to face them head on. The class allows the students to learn to accept the hurt and pain from their past in order to move on with their lives for better, greater things.

I never realized that all it takes is to make a timeline to close the gap, heal the scar and mend the broken heart.

It's kind of sad to think that everyone has a hurtful memory or two that limits them from being fully happy. I mean, truly be happy. The fact that we don't want to face our fears makes it so easy for small things to trigger unhappy feelings.
I have a friend who's been through so many tragic events but he's still head strong and motivated. Could it be that some people are stronger than others mentally? Or is it that some people are just more good at running away?

Just like how things we used to love to do can no longer be a part of our lives because it reminds us too much of a specific person? Since he's been gone, I wasn't in the mood to write, watch baseball, watch certain shows or even drink a specific beverage.

If these classes are forcing students face their tragedies square in the eyes, will that really be helpful? Could it have a negative impact on someone?

For instance, if every university required their psychology majors to take that class, could it turn out for the worst? To bring back painful memories when it took them so long to put it away?

Dang, our world will be filled with emotional and suicidal people. Scary.