Friday, July 22, 2011

Live Easy, Think Like a Man

From past relationships to new relationships, there's one thing that always gets to me. Men do not care.

From opening doors to walking the date home, it's oblivious to them that in a relationship, chivalry still applies no matter how comfortable they are with each other. However, instead of feeling hurt or disappointed by this we all can make the situation better by thinking like a man.

Rather than feeling like we don't mean much to them just because they didn't offer to pay for your ice cream bill, we can just accept their gesture and return it some other way. For example, when he's over at your place and wants to change the channel, you keep to your rerun of Gilmore Girls.

Being single and out of a long, serious relationship, it made it hard for me to even think about dating other men and it made me compare them to the ex. Then it hit me, maybe women are overly sensitive and read too deep into something that doesn't carry any meaning. So bottom line, could life and relationship be much easier if we too dropped the expectations of what a man should be based off of Walt Disney's creation?

You know the one woman that has mastered this art of "Man-tality"? Samantha from Sex and the City.

She should be every woman's idol.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Matters of the Heart

In this day and age, romance seem to have evaporated into thin air and is replaces by lust and desire. There's no more sincerity or innocence in love.

Even when we find that one person who seems to be the perfect fit and the gentlest of the bunch and will never hurt us will hurt us.

I never knew the true meaning of being heartbroken until my heart refused to work. Too heartbroken to the point where the blood pressure drops and stops working properly.

I realized that I am always the girl who betters the life of others but ends up with a broken heart. I gave everything to a boy who didn't know where he was going. I helped him find his way but ended up losing mine. I spent three years helping a boy feel secure and safe; in return I got nothing.

We all have our ideal images of a spouse, where are they? They must exist because we want them and crave for them. Right? All things are based on real things, images, ideas and beliefs. Facts.

If they are based on real beings, they must exist. Or are they just a pigment of our imagination?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Rosie Diaries pt trois - Bandages

Noji woke up today and was very groggy as usual. She didn't want to budge when mom was getting up for work. She stuck her cute self back in between the comforter and snuggled up.

When we got to the clinic, Rosie was grumpy. She was staring at a piece of freshly baked white bread and decided to make a move for it. Slowly she crept up on to the table but was stopped by Sue's "Get Down!"

Rosie during breakfast

Then I decided to put a bandage on her forehead. She is not injured, fyi.

Friday, July 1, 2011


Her petals so rare;
With beauty her care
Of radiance so blinding
Can halt a man to a stopping.

May the silhouette of stem and thorns
Reflect her life of scars and scorns.
Her soul so deep;
Innocence and love steep
Selfless and giving
No hatred for those living

Fragile and pure
Makes him secure
Her beauty belongs to he,
Who loves her best
Than the pack of rest.

A sight extraordinary as she
Men of world traveled to see.
Out of range far of ability
Robbed him of his sanity.

His greed to preserve her presence
Plucked her petals from present tense
Stripped of life,
Her stem cut by a knife

Her body lays in box of glass
Wilted, rotting and still as
Her life no more shall pass.
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