Wednesday, February 9, 2011

William Li - Starving Cancer

This is an interesting video sent to me by my sister, it's a video of William Li explaining Angiogenesis.

William Li: Can we eat to starve cancer? | Video on

William Li presents a new way to think about treating cancer and other diseases: anti-angiogenesis, preventing the growth of blood vessels that feed a tumor. The crucial first (and best) step: Eating cancer-fighting foods that cut off the supply lines and beat cancer at its own game.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Finding a job as a alternative health columnist

Being a writer is tough, finding a job as a writer is even tougher, however, finding a job as an acupuncture columnist is even harder. 

 Basically, the only acupuncture related newspaper or magazine I know is Acupuncture Today and that's all the way in San Diego, CA. I'm all the way here in Washington state, how the heck am I going to apply for a job there? 

It's really frustrating because alternative medicine is rising so quickly but there aren't that many writers that are speaking out about it. For example, on Oahu, the local newspaper do not have a health columnist that has solely dedicated his or her work to alternative medicine. Although I have started my blog that is relative to acupuncture and alternative medicine, it's not quite there. I do not have an acupuncture degree nor have any educational background on it other than the fact that I've worked at an acupuncture clinic. 

I want to become a health columnist that will dedicate all of her work to spreading the knowledge of alternative medicine and make sure that the community will be more familiarized with this practice. I want to get my license, expand my mother's clinic by adding my position there, eventually travel the world to experience and discover other forms of alternative medicine, write about my experiences through my health column/blog/articles and finally, to build my own online magazine or weekly newspaper dedicated to acupuncture and other forms of alternative medicine. 

It's a bit depressing to know that this is a long shot and will take possible all my life to get there. 

From google search engine. Just random pics
Another part of me is saying, screw this. Get my license and become a designated acupuncturist for a MLB team. Preferably the Brewers. 

Speaking of which, here's an article on Haro Ogawa, the designated acupuncturist for the San Francisco Giants.

Damn, if I could get that job, I would have for real lived a good life. 

Anyways, there's still hope for those of us aspiring acupuncturists. Just keeping out heads up.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Protection from the Flu Through Acupuncture

This is a story covered by Hawaii's KHON2 News on Oahu.
Thought I should share this with you all.

Protection from the Flu Through Acupuncture

Reported by: Olena Heu
Last Update: 11/19/2009 8:07 am
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Protection From the Flu Through Acupuncture
Flu season officially began last month and will run until May of next year, but in Hawaii the rate of infection continues year-round.
There are many ways to boost your immune system and prevent getting sick...including a method that will poke you into good health.
It’s just another visit to the doctor's office…with a steady hand and precise placement, the use of needles, heat and incense, if done right, is said to improve circulation, boost the immune system and offer relief for pain and prevent illness.
“Everybody said how you take care is the answer of how you live a healthy longer,” Dr. Jun Ae Ha of Dr. Ha’s Clinic said.(Dr. Jung Ae Ha)
In an effort to keep healthy and stay flu free many are seeking out traditional acupuncture.
“Just mainly our local patients they tell their friends, their daughters and they come in and they bring their friends in,” Sunnie Kim said.
“Maybe the ear acupoint very much good yeah,” Dr. Ha said.
Acupuncture is said to have originated in china thousands of years ago and uses needles to stimulate nerves, muscles and connective tissue.
“Now number one topic is how we can help and how we can keep or how we can increase immunity,” Dr. Ha said.
Dr. Ha's office also recommends an organic all natural way to prevent illness with herbal supplements.
“They're grinded, dried, packed herbs that’s actually used for the liquid medicine but Dr. Ha grinds them herself,” Kim said.
Dr. Ha says she uses organic herbs to treat almost any ailment including the flu.
“We have patients coming in and they freak out and they are coming here “oh I need three hundred pills,” Kim said.
At about a dollar a pill the herbal supplements are proving to be very popular...but maybe not as popular as the resident therapy dog Rosie. 
People come from all over the island to receive treatment and spend time with their little furry friend.