Thursday, June 9, 2011

Talking about sex

Late last night my girlfriends and I decided to have dinner after long hours of hitting up the beach and working out. After two hours of discussing which restaurant to dine at, we decided to go to Curry House on McCully street. As we were discussing each others lives, I realized what we were doing now reminded me of all the dinner scenes in Sex and the City. That got me thinking; how far is going too far when it comes to talking about sex?

There is fine line between discussing some parts of our daily lives and exposing too much about ourselves. One of my girlfriends is studying abroad in Japan and she lost her virginity at twenty years old to a man she only dated for two weeks. Why wait that long to give it away so quick? Now she had entered the unsettling and mysterious world of sex. She wanted to know all about yeast infections, the pills, the STDs and turned to one of us for help.

Her questions made me wonder about all the women in the world who do not have girlfriends to talk to about sex and the grey areas which we have no clue how to deal with. Although the world came up with medications, education and disease control to aid those of us who need it, why is it that the rate of sexually transmitted diseases are shooting through the roof?

We are too scared to face the things that can be harmful to us so we end up disregarding the warning signs that read "Danger! Use a Condom" or "See a gynecologist".

The truth is, sex isn't something to be ashamed of or to hide. Yes, it is something to be done in privacy with someone special but it should not be a sinful or embarrassing thing. We are meant to have sex and reproduce, it's us who made this into something bad. If everyone's conception of sex was viewed as a natural process of love, then we won't be too afraid to learn about it and ask questions, therefore limiting the spread of diseases. Don't you agree?