Friday, February 12, 2010

The Secret Garden of the Secret Garden

I write these thinking that no one is really reading them, I mean there are so many blogs out there, no one is going to read mine. Actually, I think that's what makes it easier for me to write because I feel like I'm still venting about whatever I'm upset about or what thoughts I have and it wont cause any damage.

Most of the time I'm at a loss of words, it's like everything that I was thinking about, everything that I wanted to write about just disappears from my mind. Totally.Blank.

What is the purpose of The Secret Garden? It was so that people can read about things that happen to me or people around me.Then sit and think "Huh, I think something like that happened to me earlier" or maybe even, "i so know what she's talking about." Then they'll contribute their ideas, thoughts, crappy things that has happened to them that they never really got over or something amazingly awesome that has happened to them that they feel like they need to share with the whole world or they'll burst into tiny molecular pieces in .9754 seconds.

I guess there really isn't anything "secretive" about The Secret Garden, just the fact that it's called The Secret Garden. Maybe it's kind of secretive.. I don't know. But just imagine, how awesome it would feel that whatever you are going through, the tough times, the embarassing things that happened to you at school, all of that were happeneing to someone else. And the way they handled that situation was much better than how you handled it.
Cool huh?

The Secret Garden is not an obligation, it's always going to be here. I'll feel the need to visit it once in a while and catch up with Old Reliable.