Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Secret Garden of uneasy vacations pt2 - pictures

Jon-- we were dropping off Sue at the airport when we realized it's only her and Jon (with the lei) going off to boot camp but none of his family members came to say bye. So we hugged him and told him to kick ass. And brought him Hawaii snacks and lei.

After graduation.

waiting at the outdoor stadium for the graduation ceremony to begin, it was 45 degrees with wind and light drizzles of rain. We waited almost 2 hours for it to begin. The soldiers were standing on the field longer than us.

-- A dinner at Olive Garden after the graduation, my sister and her friends, their families, and us. It took us about 2 and a half hours to find Olive Garden.

Mac, Orange, Kline, and I'm sorry I don't remember all the names. At Olive Garden

--After family day ceremony.

I ran into a friend of mine that I knew since 8th grade, didn't know he was in boot camp with my sister. We brought lei and snacks for him too but didn't get a chance to give it to him.

Being reunited... Very first time seeing her and it was emotional-- she lost a lot of weight and her voice was hoarse.