Monday, October 4, 2010

The Secret

Basically, in life we always desire things that we don't need and things that we only want because others have. But look here! This mystical book and documentary has me believing that whatever I want; I can get. This bizarre and beautiful "law of attraction" is what our mind and heart attracts into our lives.

The more I kept thinking about it, I could totally agree with what it was telling me. Whatever we keep thinking about, constantly thinking about, we attract. If I kept thinking about donuts then eventually, I'll get myself some donuts. If I kept thinking about negative things, I'll bring myself down therefore only attract negative situations because I'll be putting myself in my own mess. It's kind of like how a drug addict behaves. Once the drug addict get a hit, he feels relief and the feeling of satisfaction when he lets out his anger. So evidently, he's going to want more. 

Honestly, from personal experience I can confidently say that this thing, this "law of attraction" really works. I've always wanted to get off of the island and experience new environments that were totally different from home. I did that.

I wanted to attend college in the states, somewhere that was totally different from home. I did that.

I wanted to get back into cheer. I did that.

I wanted to merge my two extremely opposite career goals. I did that.

Nothing is impossible. For God's sake, we went to the moon right?

Get out there and engulf the world. See what you need to see, do what you need to do. Dreams are there so we can fulfill them and we only have a short amount of time here on Earth so why not suck every bit of happiness and enchantment out of it? 

Don't talk about it, just do it. 

I've always thought that we have such big obligations that kept us from doing what we wanted to do. So many of my friends have had babies at a young age and those who were 4.0 GPA students ended up living in a broken down shack with their baby daddies. That's why I always thought that it's impossible for us as human beings to truly live because we can't live and fully experience life without being tied down.

But that's when I was wrong. 

We have truly lived when we have seen everything that our little hearts most desired.  We don't have to lose ourselves along the way. It's so short and precious. 

There's nothing else left but to live